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Los Hollywood is a Rock/Pop band from California formed in 2008 by Heidy Flores (Vocalist, Guitarist, Songwriter) and Gustavo Mojica (Drummer, Songwriter).  Los Hollywood have shared the stage with bands such as Jarabe de Palo, Aterciopelados, La Ley, Enanitos Verdes, etc.  They have played all over the world in cities such as New York (LAMC), Miami (The Forum with La Ley), Chicago (Ruido Fest), Bogotá (Festival Centro), Mexico City, Los Angeles, San Diego and more.


The band’s lineup now features Heidy Flores, Gustavo Mojica, and Joe Flatt (Guitarist, Songwriter).  Los Hollywood is excited to tour Mexico City in April 2020 and to release new music throughout the year.  Stay tuned for more info!


MARCH 14, 2020

San Diego Latino Film Festival - Postponed

San Diego, CA

APRIL 21, 2020

PaTa Negra - Postponed

Mexico City, Mexico

APRIL 24, 2020

Doppler - Postponed

Texcoco, Mexico

APRIL 25, 2020

Rooster - Postponed

Cautitlan, Mexico

APRIL 26, 2020

La Marketa - Postponed

Mexico City, Mexico

MAY 16, 2020

Black Box

Tijuana, Mexico

MAY 29, 2020

California Center for the Arts

Escondido, CA

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